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Frequent Asked Question


1) What’s the home search process in Shanghai?

Normally the process for searching properties like : search some information about the location and others on the website, find one reliable broker before one month; send your housing request to your broker, the broker will provide some detail information as reference; send you arriving date and flight number before two weeks, so that they can book the hotel; can pick you up at airport and let you do the city orientation if cooperate client; the next day can proceed on searching property.


2) What kinds of type of properties in Shanghai?

There are different types properties: Apartments, villas, service apartments, old houses. Especially the old house which is located in the French Concession and was built in 1920’s to 1940’s are quite unique. Most of villas are far away from downtown, but close to the International school.


3) Do I pay for Michael Realty service for finding a property?

Don’t worry about the service fee. In Shanghai housing renting policy that landlord side will pay the service fee once settled down one property.


4) What kinds of issue should I pay attention to when visiting a property?

Due to the Shanghai climate, like humid and winter is cold & windy, etc. You shall pay attention to the air-condition, glazing, radiator, floor heating, mosquito net, the wash machine with hot water or not, water filter, mattress, Internet and satellite channels, etc.


5) What’s included into the rent normally? And what’s the different price between furnished and unfurnished?

The rent normally includes : Management fee, official tax fee, Internet and satellite installation fee, some landlords will provide club membership card. If the property is unfurnished, the price will be lower than furnished; but if it is furnished and tenant has own furniture, the price will be higher and it shall be negotiable, because landlord shall pay the removing fee and storage fee for the furniture.


6) How much do I have to pay upfront when signing a leasing?

Once settle down one property, tenant shall pay two months deposit and one month rent.


7) What happens if I terminate the leasing before leasing term?

Tenant shall pay the two months rent for the penalty if terminate the leasing agreement. It means that you will lose the two months deposit.


8) Can I get a short leasing term than 12months?

Yes, you can get, but there are not so many options for you to choose, normally the service apartment, and some of landlords agree short leasing term.


9) Can I bring any pets to new property?

It depends the landlord side, but most of landlords are more friendly with pets.


10) In the same compound the same size property why has different price?

There are some reasons which will affect the final price : the property location in the compound, some are close to the road, and others are in the middle; the different landlord has different expectation, some landlords are in a hurry to rent his property, and some landlords has more time to choose the tenant; there are hot market and lower market seasons; thus the price will be quite different even with the same size.

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