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  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 36,500/month
  • Layout: 3Br 2Bt
  • Size: 150 sqm
  • Luxury decoration, fully furnished, whole house floor heating, with A/C, Open kitchen, about 5mins walking to L1Hengshan rd station
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 13,000/month
  • Layout: 2Br 2Bt
  • Size: 90 sqm
  • Luxury decoration ,spacious Livingroom,full furnished ,brand appliances
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 14,000/month
  • Layout: 2Br 2Bt
  • Size: 108 sqm
  • Nice renovated, with spacious and bright livingroom, open kitchen, fully furnished, about 5mins walking to line1 Hengshan rd station
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 11,900/month
  • Layout: 1Br 1Bt
  • Size: 80 sqm
  • New decoration,fully furnished,with a indoor balcony,close to Line1 Hengshan Station
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 24,000/month
  • Layout: 2Br 2Bt
  • Size: 100 sqm
  • 100 Sqm total usable area,with a large garden,whole floor heating,can both be studio or residence.
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 15,000/month
  • Layout: 3Br 1Bt
  • Size: 129 sqm
  • 3bedrooms, 129sqm, large size master bedroom with inner balcony, full furnished, modern style
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 28,500/month
  • Layout: 4Br 2Bt
  • Size: 200 sqm
  • Downtown area. within walking distance to Metro line 1 Hengshan Rd. St. Floor heating installed.
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 15,000/month
  • Layout: 1Br 1Bt
  • Size: 80 sqm
  • Good location , brand newly renovated with full furnished, wall heating system
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 22,000/month
  • Layout: 2Br 2Bt
  • Size: 120 sqm
  • Delicated decoration,full furnished,high celling ,can both be a studio or residence,whole wall heating and wood floor.
  • Old House In Hengshan Road
  • ¥ 16,800/month
  • Layout: 2Br 1Bt
  • Size: 110 sqm
  • next to subway station. Newly decorated, modern style. with a sunny and large balcony.
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